Africa has immense energy potential – particularly renewable energy,

Ensuring access to sustainable and modern energy services is essential to meet basic industrial human needs and promoting economic and social development across the African continent.

Our firm adheres to and participates in the implementation of Agenda 2063. Agenda 2063 is the strategic framework of the African continent that aims for inclusive and sustainable development.

We assess, prevent, and make appropriate recommendations.

Our lawyers offer the firm’s clients and major players in this sector a legal strategy adapted to innovations in production, distribution and, more broadly, energy transition technologies.

Natural resources

The natural resources sector is major in Africa. It represents a significant proportion of the GDP of several African countries.

According to the vision of the African Union, the African Mining Regime must be based on: An equitable and optimal exploitation of mineral resources for a broad sustainable growth and socio-economic development. A sustainable, well-governed mining sector that effectively produces and generates resource rents, that is safe, healthy, considers gender and ethnicity, the environment, that is socially responsible and appreciated by surrounding communities.”

Global demand for commodities continues to grow. The natural resources sector is dynamic on the African continent. Companies active in this sector are committed to a fair and optimal exploitation of mineral resources with a view to broad sustainable growth and socio-economic development.

Through a constant exposure to the sector, our lawyers have and continue to

Develop expertise in international mining transactions. Our team is aware of developments in regional legal systems and regimes.

Our expertise, resources and innovative solutions are at the service of our clients to contribute to their success, our expertise, resources, and innovative solutions are available to our clients.

We assist international mining companies with large-scale and/or complex investments and projects. Our intervention covers all the legal aspects relating to the prospecting, research, and exploration phases.

Negotiation of agreements for mineral exploration and exploitation.

Obtaining prospecting, research and exploration licences.

Authorizations, approvals and compliance with the environmental regulations of the mining and petroleum sector.

Legal audits (due diligence).

We are involved in the process of applying for a mining permit, in the management of mineral rights and title, in due diligence, and in the analysis and development of mining contracts. We support companies and investors in the implementation of their mining projects in Africa.

The firm’s services include legal and tax due diligence operations and major phases of mining operations

Infrastructure and transport

Infrastructure and transport development of logistics are the cornerstone of the development of the African continent. The success of the African Continental Free Trade Area will depend largely on the quality of infrastructure and transport. Africa has significant infrastructure and transportation needs. Our experienced lawyers are available to investors to structure their projects and public-private partnerships.

Our diverse and complementary expertise ensures effective coordination of our clients’ infrastructure and transportation projects.

Our legal engineering is at the service of our clients for the implementation of new models or the monitoring and creation of investment and financing vehicles.

Industrial and manufacturing

African countries produce and export mainly commodities. A significant proportion of the products imported into Africa are manufactured goods. Industrial transformation is underway and the industrial and manufacturing sector is booming. Some African countries have initiated ambitious investment programs in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. Our team has the expertise and knowledge of local constraints to support you on this type of project.

Real estate

The combination of strong population growth and significant economic growth creates the context for a dynamic and growing real estate sector.

Our geographical scope and our transparent and coordinated approach allow us to support real estate projects for the OHADA area and the various African economic and thematic unions (UEMOA, CEDEAO, CEMAC).

Our firm assists the main players in the real estate sector in structuring and carrying out their projects in West Africa as part of their negotiation and drafting of leases and contracts, contract audits, leasing.

We also assist our investment clients, both domestic and foreign, in the framework of their due diligence in order to prevent land conflicts issues through the consultation of land books and searches for prior art.

We do the due diligence and the title review.

We collaborate with notaries in jurisdictions where this is necessary