Our team has the capacity to support sponsors, financial institutions and governments in the negotiation and draAfrican countries produce and export mainly commodities. A significant proportion of the products imported into Africa are manufactured goods. Industrial transformation is underway and the industrial and manufacturing sector is booming. Some African countries have initiated ambitious investment programs in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. Our team has the expertise and knowledge of local constraints to support you on this type of project.fting of financing documentation.

Our clients operate in high-potential jurisdictions with a high risk profile. Our expertise and knowledge of the business environment allows us to offer pragmatic and operational solutions.

As the regulatory environment is constantly changing, our team of lawyers has developed its capacity to be creative and to show imagination in an area of expertise where practice is extremely standardized in developed economies.

We are involved in the following transactions:

  • general banking law (senior financing (club deal or syndicated), mezzanine financing)
  • Public Private Partnership (PPP), including financial structuring aspects of PPPs
  • structured finance
  • debt restructuring
  • sovereign debt

Company law

Our firm provides corporate monitoring and has a practice that covers all corporate transactions in the life of companies.

We support our clients in starting their activities to:

– the choice of appropriate legal structures ;

– incorporation and registration of commercial companies, drafting of shareholders’ agreement;

– Advice on generic regulatory issues;

– advisory assistance in connection with the acquisition of a holding, sale of shares or guaranteed shares of assets and liabilities

During social life for:

– the holding of the Legal Secretariat with particular reference to the organisation of meetings of the Councils and General Assemblies,

-approval of accounts, appointment and dismissal of officers

– legal monitoring;

As well as for all capital transactions, in particular:

– the increase of capital in cash or in kind, reduction of capital, contribution of shares;

– corporate restructuring ;

– transformations and divisions.

Private Equity [Joint-ventures, LBOs]

As stock exchanges and financial markets are underdeveloped in many African countries, private equity has become a gateway to African markets for public and private investors.

The firm advises private equity players in the transactions they carry out, and in particular in the drafting and negotiation of shareholder agreements and investment protocols, as well as in the implementation of profit-sharing plans for managers and employees.

Our experts are known for their innovative and operational advice on:

  • mergers and acquisitions, transfers, restructuring;
  • joint ventures, partnerships and strategic alliances;
  • private equity: [LBO, MBI, OBO], venture capital, fund structuring;
  • asset reorganization, shareholder agreements, management packages;
  • compliance, governance, due diligence;


-Our experts create the best performing legal vehicle

Every legal form of business has advantages and disadvantages, whether it is a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a corporation, a non-profit organization or a cooperative. It’s not always easy to navigate, so we first identify and structure the legal vehicle that will enable you to achieve your goals.

– Grow your business with targeted contracts

As soon as you start, you will take a series of actions essential to the growth of your business. Signing a lease for your premises, an agreement with a business partner or collaborator, a major acquisition or a first sale, all of which have legal consequences. We will help you protect your rights, frame your obligations and reduce your risks with targeted, smart and well-built contracts.

– Secure funding

This is the main challenge of any start-up company in order to have the financial resources needed to implement a project. We will help you understand the legal issues involved, which vary greatly depending on the sources of financing: your loved ones, a financial institution or a private lender.

– Protecting your intellectual property

It is imperative to protect your company’s intellectual property in order to prevent a competitor from appropriating your name, brand identity or any other form of intellectual property that distinguishes your company from any other in the market. ]

Public law

Our practice in Economic Public Law, consistency regulated sectors and public services, allows the firm to regularly bring its expertise in public contracts and complex contract packages to large industrial groups,

The team is very present on all issues related to the regulated sectors in particular in the fields of energy, electronic communications, audiovisual, transport, both in capitalization and Community law.

It regularly assists companies in their relations with regulatory authorities and public authorities.

Through this in-depth knowledge of these sectoral regulations and the decision-making practices of regulatory authorities, The Public Business Law team is in a position to provide its clients with comprehensive assistance for the development of their business lines and the legal security of their projects.

Environmental law

We apply our expertise in environmental law in project finance and mining law.


Labour law

The firm answers all your questions concerning labour law, the conclusion of your employment contracts, dismissals, contractual breaks.

Legal assistance for:

  • recruitment of workers and preparation of models of employment contracts adapted to the needs of the employer, including those for permanent, fixed-term or temporary employment;
  • restructuring of undertakings, in particular in the context of collective or individual redundancies for economic reasons, and generally in the matter of negotiated departures.

Intellectual property law

Companies strategically exploit intellectual property rights to develop, market and generate revenue from their innovative products and services. These rights help companies gain and maintain a competitive advantage in domestic and international markets.

Our firm provides legal assistance with:

  • trademark, patent, music, fashion, luxury and design law;
  • filing of national trademarks with the Office Ivoirien de la Propriété Intellectuelle (OIPI), international and community trademarks with the OAPI (African Intellectual Property Office);
  • filing of patents, designs and models at the Office Ivoirien de la Propriété Intellectuelle (OIPI), international and community at the African Office of Intellectual Property (OAPI);
  • drafting of rights assignment contracts;
  • negotiation of license agreements and operating agreements.


Our tax lawyers accompany you to design and structure an optimized and secure legal framework that meets the interests and needs of your businesses.

Allows you to organize your operating tax by accompanying you in the management of tax issues that arise:

  • Tax advice on structured financial transactions;
  • Tax advice on mergers and acquisitions and corporate restructuring;
  • Tax advice on project financing.